Pumpkin Man 3D Screensaver

Pumpkin Man 3D Screensaver

Pumpkin Man 3D is a creepy screensaver with a Halloween theme
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Pumpkin Man 3D is a creepy screensaver with a Halloween theme. The screensaver shows a scary scene with a big tree and a man with a pumpkin head moving his head and feet from one side to the other. At the back, there are dead trees and from time to time ugly creatures which look like zombies walk by. There are other creatures flying around which look like small dragons with wings which spit fire. You can also hear eerie sounds of monsters, scary voices, and other sounds, which help create the Halloween mood. Sadly, the screensaver doesn't include music, but you can add your own from the settings menu.

From this menu, you will be able to customize the music playlist (if you add one). The songs can be shuffled, repeated and you can also set the screensaver to play just one random song every time the screensaver starts. Another thing you can customize is the exit conditions to exit on mouse move, mouse button click, keyboard button and ESC button.

In short, if you are looking for a scary screensaver to decorate your screen during Halloween, Pumpkin Man 3D Screensaver may be an excellent choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Creepy
  • Good effects and scary sounds
  • You can add your own music
  • You can customize the exit conditions
  • Free


  • No built-in music
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